Me: Tell me more about how things aren’t good or bad, right or wrong.

When I feel resistance and discomfort in my body it can feel really scary and dangerous.

Source: My only way to communicate with you is through your thoughts and your sensations.

Deciding if the information coming in is from expansion or limitation must ITSELF be reframed –

The information you receive from me is ALWAYS expansion, and noticing it from curiosity instead of assumption and judgement is what changes how it feels and is received.

Curiosity gives you choice. Space.

It gives me room to talk to you more.

To show you what I see,

To show you more about what I see you seeing.

To offer you the next step, towards what you would like,

Has the most flow and Magic when you Trust me

And when you Trust yourself.

Can you feel how Trust is less a life raft in disaster

Less a demand for shoulds and endurance and waiting –

The deepest Trust is the






As you both make the asks of your Desire

And Flow with what the Ocean of Life

Brings to you to Receive.

Dance with me darling, this is all there is.

Me: Thank you.

Source: I love you.