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Hey there, I’m Carina

I’m a Fairy Godmother when it comes to uncovering the real you, helping you see beyond your mess, and finding your magic. If your goal is to stop hurting and start healing, then shifting your subconscious beliefs a sovereign to champion is the only way to lasting change.

You’ve been running full out doing all the things and it never seems to be your turn for the good stuff. Long hours, endless compromising, putting on smile after smile of pretending everything is fine. You know that you started this game of life with eager excitement and now all you’re playing is catching up, good enough, and maybe someday…

What Clients

Are Saying

“Working with Carina feels like this to me: She opens up a dance floor were you show up with the same dance partner, dancing to your familiar song of life.

You love dancing even though it is painfully predictable and uninspired, yet easy to follow and to complain about.
She gets that. And then she offers her mind-blowing DJ skills. You try on a new song, dare new moves. She lets you change partners that flow with you into new rhythms and flavors.
And just like that – you find yourself rocking out to a tune that is made for you. YOUR song. And you wonder, why haven’t I heard it before?
If you are dancing a dance that doesn’t feel like it is truly made for you – Carina’s dance floor is where you want to be.”

Katrin Moehlmann

“I cannot say enough about how much Carina has helped me grow in such a short period of time. The space she creates is a safe, positive space where you can uncover and release the beliefs and stories that are holding you back. I am incredibly grateful for the experiences I have had with her and the ways that I’ve been able to connect with myself and find love and gratitude in everything.
I wish I had more words to describe but you just have to see for yourself what the experience is like. Thank you, Carina Reeves with all my love and gratitude.”
Andria Mack

“Working with Carina felt like magic. I felt her being very tuned in and spot on with my underlying thought patterns and beliefs. The shifts that happened with her came so easily and gently and the whole process felt very natural to me. The process brought more clarity and awareness to my life. She created a safe and loving space with a strong sense of consent. I felt seen by her and her questions brought some patterns of mine to full light, which was a big step for my transformation.”
Maria Hubmann

Why Work

With Me?

Lady, just because you aren’t feeling your magic right now doesn’t mean it’s not there. I will guide you hands-on through the emotional and spiritual shifts you’ve been aching for – so you will learn how to manifest joy not wait for it.