The paradox of physics

Felt as Truth through breath

And the Quiet

Of noticing in practice

Sitting being meditating

It doesn’t matter how

You make love with your moments

This moment

Ever present

Ever flowing

The miracle of breathing

Shifting to

The miracle of being breathed


This is not what is supposed to be written

To have you come to my Live

And I am allowing deeper Trust

That this is exactly what you needed to hear

To imagine your space

To imagine your receiving

Of you as Miracle.

Both being here

And flowing your magnificent Life

This is the heart of being in the Feminine

And it creates all

Including your purpose

Your work


Today’s Live is me working with my client Laura in a hands on session around her starting her own business.

I have no idea what we’ll discover

And I trust it’ll be exactly what’s needed.

Come and peek at what working with me actually looks like.