Me: It feels so good when I feel you with me.

Source: I am always with you.

Me: Why do I not feel you sometimes?

Why do so many people not feel you?

Why is life so hard for so many?

Source: You are mistaking feeling uncomfortable for not feeling me.

You are feeling me when you feel good and when you don’t feel good.

This is part of my magical paradox that humans resist so powerfully – that being ok with not feeling good, will feel good.

Me: Yes, I’ve really loved learning this. I keep learning it over and over in different ways.

But if difficult things feel ok in the bigger sense, won’t I call in more of them?

Source: That is a story that you may like to release.

Holding something lightly and with Trust doesn’t mean it’s something you are becoming a magnet for, just the opposite. It let’s you be in choice and discovery, like picking up an interesting stone at the beach. You were attracted to the stone, you were curious about the stone, and then once you’ve experienced the stone in whatever way feels true for you, you can either put the stone in your pocket or you can drop it back on the beach.

Or throw it in the water, that’s fun.

Or build something with it.

Or make art with it.

You are only limited by your imagination but that might be for another day.

You can keep picking up stones as long as you like, every stone will have something to discover and experience, and when you don’t attach meaning to that process you can easily let go of that game and choose something else you would like to do.

Picking up stones is about you because you are the one doing it, but when you let the process be more about the stones than about you, I’ve noticed that there is so much more flow and ease. The stones don’t have to “mean” anything about you, other than this is the part where you are exploring this stone.

Your stories about you and about stones will completely shift how you experience even something as simple as picking up a stone.

Your stories about you and anything, will completely shift how you experience you and anything.

Me: The amount of freedom you are suggesting is dizzying. Empowering. Stunning. I’m filled with wonder.

Source: I love you.

Me: I love you.