Day One Live was so good! Got booted off (hello hot energy) and carried right on, no problem

It’ll stay on my profile if you want to check it out – three Core things for a solid Energetic foundation of shifting your stories and mindset.

One of the things that got really clear on the Live was that being in your full expression and your full potential isn’t something you grind or push.

You “CAN” and you will for sure get some stuff “done”, of course, but it won’t be your FULL self, your FULL spectrum.

You gotta expand OUTSIDE of your human fears worries doubts and ego fro that, and it’s an amazing dance of welcoming where you are moving with and through whatever is coming up for you not bulldozing or burying it.

So for tomorrow, Tuesday, I’m bringing on the client I’ve nicknamed Rockstar and I love her so much. She worked with me privately for a bit but it was taking my longer Goddesses in Jeans program that really shifted the big stuff… and I’ll let her tell you all the things, but let’s just say any tears now are usually from joy.