Me: I want to drink the blood of this Life

I want to know how the capillaries feed the flesh

I want to know how the Heart revives the spent and receives the needy

I want to know where to find Magic and Pleasure and Creation unfolding

I want to know the difference between the Energy that says Yes and the Energy that says Go Not for it is not Yours today

I want to plunge my skin and my Spirit in the cold of the Earth and Ocean and the burn of the Sun

I want to hear the Songs of the Planets and the Music of Connection

I want to smell hunger and eat Desire and growl the warning of my displeasure

I want to feel the pulp of experience squeeze its juices from my grasp and into the Earth and down my chin and arm and belly

I want to ask for More for the Delight of it

I want Existence to be Poetry that leaves me gasping

Source: And so it is.