Me: I keep noticing this story that if my body was different I would be happier.

Source: Yes, I see this story in you.

You are using it as a distraction from your Truth.

What are you really uncomfortable about?

Me: That I am not enough all over… oh everything just shifted!

Source: You are getting better and better at seeing and feeling your loops.

Feel in again, what else is asking to emerge and be seen?

Me: Everything just got really quiet, and slow, and dark –

I’m seeing how I block and suppress my Divine Feminine from my Body and Being when I stay in my head worrying about my Body.

Source: Are you willing to step out of the story that you will only be happy and whole when your body looks how you want it to look?

Are you willing to destroy the belief that your body is here to test your connection with me rather than celebrate it?

Are you willing to step out of the story that you need external proof of your body’s beauty and divinity before you can believe and feel how beautiful and divine she is?

Me. Yes oh yes. Yes. Thank you yes.

Source: What are you noticing now?

Me: I am seeing a vision of a shimmering desert, hot and amber everywhere, and I am emerging from the ripples of mirage and energy as a figure dressed in flowing black robes.

I am the Eye of the Masculine from the Yin/Yang symbol.

Source: Yes. Feel that in your Body. When you are your full you, you fulfill your part in the flow of the Everything.

Everything else is fear based and keeping you in the lie of being limited.

This is how you are limiting yourself.

You are Unlimited when you choose to open in your body instead of looping in your head.

This is a new level of the Unlearning and the Becoming.

Keep breathing.

Keep coming back to the body.

Me: Thank you.

Source: I love you.