I read a book once that talked about Beauty as a never ending spiral of discovery.

A flowing ever evolving fascination, a world you get lost in.

And Ugly things land with a thud, stopping you short as you are jarred and refused and nowhere left to go.

The more I practice feeling seeing and growing my connection with you, Source,

The more it’s all Beauty.

Is that one of the reasons we humans stay in our pain and frustration and fear?

That seeing the Truth of this much Beauty being here for us

Will tear us apart and rent our beliefs of reality beyond repair?

Source: Yes darling. And yet it waits for you nonetheless.

It’s all here for you, and whether you call it Ugly or Beautiful is part of the game.

Your fear of being unimportant is matched by your fear of being completely exquisitely essential and unconditionally important.

It’s all here for you.