Me: Today I feel slow and very very soft and gentle

Source: Yes. I feel you there.

Me: It feels unfamiliar to be in so much allowance,

I feel a pull to fly into action, to have my energy

be a heady whirlwind

Source: Yes. I feel you there.

Me: Will I still be loved and belong if I am so

different from all the struggle and strife I see

and feel around me?

Source: Yes. Always.

You are Loved and you Belong.

This Truth is here for you

no matter what.

Soft and Fierce.

Having your Energy flow in is as Powerful

As having your Energy flow out.

It is a Spiral, a Continuum, a Dance.

There is nowhere to get to


At the same time

As you are on a Path to what you would like as well.

Me: Yes. I feel this.

Thank you.