Life is a process.

This business is a process

Having it/not having it

Wanting something for so long

Doing the work doing the work doing the work

Feeling through hurts and stuckness and resistance after resistance

And then

After clearing what’s in the way

When things start to flow

When you can FEEL the channels opening and the energy start to




into waves and waves of roaring gorgeous connection

to clients and money and openness of Trust

It IS new

It IS big

It IS a lot to hold…

And then you see that that is a place to surrender too –

That the bigness of the energy “being a lot to hold”


That you can step out of,

And instead taste notice discover revel

In the experience of the energy simply in the now.

Oh, this is what the energy feels like right now –

Ok. Beautiful. Yes.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes

Is there anything else that you would like me to know, Source?

Thank you.

My energy work foundation is the modality Energetic Magic, and it is all about connecting to Source and shifting the beliefs of your subconscious.