Private Coaching, 12 Month Payment Plan

This one on one private container is about having the space to flow with exactly what is arising as your Truth. Some weeks you may need more, some weeks you may need to only digest. The spaciousness of what is available to you allows you to feel the freedom of asking for exactly what is True for you.

I am building this space for you to be served at the highest level with my focused awarenesses and for you to have room to grow more and more into leading yourself.

? Six month container
? Private coaching as desired, up to six hours a month.
? Ongoing text and voicemail support via Voxer
? Access to additional programs and group calls as desired or as is True

Being together with this depth and intimacy is a chance for you to create the reality you really want, from the inside out.

And at the end of our six months together, I don’t know what your life will look like. It may look the same, or it may be unrecognizable.

What I do know is that you will know yourself more than you ever have. You will know where you hold yourself back, and you will know the parts to give full reign. You will know how to listen for your Truth and to your Truth in all the ways you’ve been dreaming of this whole damn time.

Prepare for Magic My Love.


12 Monthly Payments of $500