G R O U N D : A Feminine Led Retreat
G R O U N D is a one week retreat of Transmission and Energy Shifting to connect you with the Earth and her Gifts for you.

About this event



Her presence has been with you from the beginning.

From playing on her as a child

To dreaming of her from inside your house.

You notice that you breathe differently when you are walking on her barefoot

And that when you think of her you feel a longing in your belly.

From the Ground all things grow,

And to the Ground you return when this time is done.

When you believe the illusion that you are separate,

You cut yourself off from her unlimited gifts

She is calling to you

She wants to give you riches and truths

That will unwind your reality and open your Soul


G R O U N D is a one week Feminine Led Retreat to reconnect with yourself through connecting with the deepest spaces in you and in the Earth.

Instead of many hours all at once, we will have three teaching calls and one final call over the course of the week, with home practices and meditations for you to weave through your day. This is the Feminine, to uncover and discover, to flow and allow. No push, open to receiving.

For those who choose you may add personal energy shifting to your week, an option I offer to receive personal energy insights and clearing to support your Highest Alignment.

What will you feel like during the week? What will you receive? What will you take away into your life?

That will only be seen by doing.

This week will be an expansion of who you are, of how you see yourself, and how you connect to the world around you.

Are there gifts waiting for you? Oh yes. And they might be nothing like you expect.

There’s only one way to find out.

If you are feeling a pull possibly even without knowing why, I invite you to say yes.


June 21, the Solstice, the first call at 8am EDT

June 23, the second call at 10.30

June 25, the third call at 10.30

June 27, the final call, 5pm


All calls are recorded and will be sent to you by end of day.

For those who choose to include the personal alignment sessions, you will receive a private booking link.