Energetic Magic Level 1 - Online
If you are all More Magic Please, this weekend is the real deal.

Creating Magic
What’s not to love about something called Energetic Magic?
I’ll bet that if you’re reading this write up you’re thinking something like, You had me at Energy! AND NOW THERE IS MAGIC TOO??!!!
Well, yes. Yes, there is.
In fact, I have a feeling that you already know that there has always been Magic and there will always be Magic, and even that you are RIGHT NOW swimming with the Magic fish in this Ocean called Life…
But the Magic you’ve been calling in maybe hasn’t always been the nicest, funniest Magic you’ve been wishing for.
Our Energy Fields are crazy super powerful, and if you’ve been powerfully calling in Poverty Magic or Crappy Boyfriend Magic or Ants in the Kitchen Magic… well you might be ready to explore different kinds of Magic.
One of the core principles of Energetic Magic is that the beliefs and stories of your sub-conscious are what actually run your life, and that if you can shift those then the ease, joy, and manifesting of the good things you’ve been looking for can start flowing instead of staying away.
And that “if” is where Energetic Magic comes in, because shifting, healing, and releasing old toxic unhelpful beliefs and stories is EXACTLY what Energetic Magic is all about.
During this full weekend course you will learn not only the concepts behind how the Energy and Magic work, you will learn how to easily and powerfully see and shift stories not only for yourself but with others too!
You will learn:

- How spiritual energy works and affects you every day
- The “must do”s for growth and potency
- To use intuition for guidance and to detect truths
- To get in touch with Pure Source/Universal/Quantum/God energy (however your philosophy describes it)
- To create and manipulate simple energetic constructs
- To respond without judgement or ego to other people’s energy
- To perceive energy in other people for information or clearing
- To integrate the techniques you learn with other modalities and your daily life

So, are you ready?
Have you heard the adage about the best time to plant a tree?
Forty years ago… or today.
If any of this outline has felt exciting or lit you up, I invite you to listen to that part of you. And if now as you get to the part that has you be in action and spending money you find yourself saying Whoa Nelly not so fast! Notice that too. Our ego hates change and will spring into action to protect and preserve the very parts of you that you’ve been asking to be different.
I’ve taught this course five times now and every single person who has come for this weekend intensive has radically shifted and expanded their beliefs, perspectives, and experience of life. What you will learn is super simple, radically empowered, and give you the tools for ACTUAL change. It’s also true that there is no guarantee and that you won’t know what is waiting for you on the other side, but if you are ready for change, for more, and for sweeter than you currently have, this weekend contains some of the most powerful tools I’ve ever experienced.
It would be my honor to share this amazing modality with you and watch your transformation.

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