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Description box for the questionnaire.

Hello, welcome. These questions will help me prepare for our call, please answer as thoroughly as you can. What are you celebrating in your life right now? (And does this question, feel hard or easy)

What do you wish you were celebrating? (List everything that occurs to you)

What do you see is in the way of the above? (I invite you to really let it fly, let go of trying to be PC)

And if you were being completely honest, how are you in your own way of your desire(s)?

Are you willing to be coachable and change what isn’t working so you can step into your power? (Feel free to add any fears or thoughts that come up for you)

As you think about the journey to what you want, where are you right now - pondering a map of the scenic route ($0), slow and steady ($75 - $3000), start the car already ($3000 - $10,000), chartering the Conchord ($20,000+)

Thank you for your honesty and work answering these questions. One last thing, how do you feel in your body as you look back at your answers? (Please list all of your sensations and where they are in your body.) Thank you, and see you on the Zoom.