B A S K Details

Six Month Container

Private Facebook Group

Teaching, Assignments, and Support in the Facebook Group

3-4 Group Zoom Coaching Calls a Month on Wednesdays from 12:30 - 2 PM ET, Schedule posted monthly.

Remove Energy Work and Remote Energy Clearing for the Group Weekly

Weekly Remote Energy Work and Clearing for the Group

When you purchase B A S K you do so as a sovereign being who is responsible for her own decisions.

In this group, I use Energetic Magic, and as such by signing up you are in agreement to have me connect and work with your energy.

There are no guarantees of progress or outcomes of any kind. The Six Month Container is to be completed as agreed except in extenuating circumstances, which are at my discretion. Please contact me directly to discuss if needed.

You are expected to act and speak in the group as a person who is on her own spiritual path, and that any and all difficult or challenging thoughts, feelings, circumstances, and emotions are a part of your path.

However much you choose to interact with the group, the coaching calls, and the Facebook Page is up to you. I recommend to be active and do the work offered, as it is what Source is offering the group for benefit and growth, but any and all decisions are up to you. I will not come in to save you or draw you out if you choose to stand back.

Bullying, repeated advice-giving or attempts to fix others, dismissive, racist, or derogatory language, or any other ways of being in the group Zoom calls or Facebook group discussions that are distracting the group from the work at hand will have the offending parties addressed and possibly removed at my discretion.

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$175 CAD + tax a month

Pay in Full for
Six Months

$1,050 + tax

Pay Monthly for
Six Months

$175 + tax