Welcome to G R O U N D, a week long Feminine exploration of connecting to the deepest places in you and this planet you walk on.

I call this experience a Feminine Led Retreat because even though I have received the material that is calling to be covered, the journey of the Feminine is to speak the Truth of the moment.

The structure of the course is that the material will emerge for you day to day. There is no where for you to get to, nothing to read ahead and prepare for. As you come to the Trello board every day there will be material waiting for you such as a journal prompt, a practice, or a meditation.

This week is designed to be spacious and to let you unwind your deeper connection with the earth and yourself. Whatever comes up for you is exactly right, and it can range from bliss to rage. I invite you to let yourself be with what you are experiencing, right here right now, all the way into the ground. Bring it all to your practices, to the calls, and to our private sessions.

The call schedule is all EST, and the zoom link is on the corresponding days on the Trello board:
Day 1, Monday 8am
Day 3, Wednesday 10.30am
Day 5, Friday 10.30am
Day 7, Sunday 5pm

You also receive up to 3 private Shifting calls, the link for those is below.

It is my role to receive in the moment what is in the highest alignment for you to hear, and it is your role to do the work of staying open, of receiving, and to come to me in your private sessions to support you through struggle, resistance, or confusion that comes up.

If you have any questions, please write them below in the Activity section, I will be checking these activity sections for each day as we unfold.