The first micro practice is
Naming Your Bodily Sensations

You have probably done this practice before, and it can not be overdone.

This practice is like blue to a painter or a pliƩ to ballet.

I invite you to do this every moment you remember, such as:
Washing dishes
Thinking about a task
Being hungry
Being annoyed
Having your face turned towards the sunshine

There are only two steps to start:

  1. What is the sensation I am feeling (ex warm, tingly, hot, pulsing, tight, heavy like a stone)
  2. Where exactly is the sensation (ex left calf, upper left teeth, eyes, hairline, right knee)

There was a lot of talk on the call of resistance and push.

When you simply name a sensation you are letting go of resistance to that sensation and letting yourself feel it, be curious about it, and name it.

This is the most simple and deeply powerful practice.

This practice shifts your focus from right or wrong to what is True.

This practice shifts you from trying to control and judge, to instead only tune into what you are noticing.

Every time you notice your brain wanting to rush in and tell you things about your sensations, every time you go into story, say thank you and come back to your body and these two simple steps.

Share below anything you are noticing doing this micro practice, and if you would like to make this a longer practice/meditation that is also very powerful.