I have three practices for you this week, and two are entwined with the discoveries you will make in your journaling. The first two practices are very hands on to support the deepening of your highest mindset beliefs for yourself, and the third practice is about exploring your desires and vision for your life. So head over to Journaling first this week, and then come on back!


Practice one: Love Messages

Take out your phone and find your reminders app or the equivalent for your phone. You can use your calendar too, but I found my calendar got a bit too full.

Let your intuition guide you on what mindset message to put when, and I recommend sprinkling at least three or four throughout your day

As you enter your reminders, make sure to hit “repeat daily!”

When your message pops up during your day, take just a few seconds to tap into the energy of your Love Message – really soak it in. 


Practice two: Love Menu

As you go through your day, tap into how your body and energy are doing and feeling. 

Ask often if there is anything that would feel good right now, and especially if you know that you are feeling less than awesome, offer specific items off your menu. 

It is literally like having a conversation with yourself as you track the sensations and awarenesses in your body, emotions, and energy. This is a very powerful form of self care.

Practice three: Desire spring cleaning 

This practice follows a model I learned from the fabulous Mama Gena. The wording may feel a little odd at first, and I invite you to let that be ok, that it might not quite make sense in your mind. Often our minds are in the way of our energy anyway!

This practice was intended as a partnered practice, and I invite you to reach out to one of the other women in the course, or call a friend. If you are finding yourself wanting to explore this practice by yourself go for it!

Ok so settle in, decide who will ask and who will answer first, and how much time you will exchange – I recommend two minutes each to start. This is a holding space kind of practice so there is no “conversation”. The woman who is answering can speak for as long as she chooses, and when she comes to the end of her thought the asker will ONLY say “thank you” and repeat the question.

And the question is:

“What do you have on desire?”


The oddness of this wording allows for both very direct answers such as 

“I desire to have a wonderful dinner with my daughter on Sunday”


“I desire a sumptuous natural leather handbag, a light smooth tan, that is in that long deep style that feels like it can hold anything”


And it also allows for other awarenesses too, such as how you are feeling in your body or how desire occurs to you as a concept.

“I feel desire in my body as hot snakes in my belly”


“I notice desire makes me feel dirty and greedy, and like I won’t be accepted by other women”


If you find your mind is blank, or in resistance to sharing even though you have more time left, this is also valuable information and keep sharing even as it might sound like “I have nothing to share, there is nothing else I desire.”

*Note – keep bringing your answers back to YOU, not what you desire for other people, the country, the world, the environment, that kind of thing. Tapping into your desires for YOURSELF is the expansion you are leaning into with this practice.

After you have had one round of asking and expressing desires, take a minute to share what the experience of the practice was like with each other, with the woman who expressed her desires going first.

Then reset your timer and switch.