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An interactive workshop to uncover your Bitch as a path to Freedom.

Calling a woman a Bitch is an easy path to dismiss and discard her very being.

A Bitch is not welcome in society.

A Bitch is not acceptable.

A Bitch is rejected until she is shamed into better behaviour.

But you see, Bitch is also the frequency of Freedom.

She doesn’t care what you think. She doesn’t care what’s appropriate.

She is the space of your deepest fears and great power.

Our society has women in limited roles:

The Good Girl. The Independent Woman. The Rebel. The Whore.

Every role is an attempt to limit and sanitize the full spectrum that is a woman.

You are not any one role. Your power is so much greater, and it scares the shit out of civilization…

… because if you don’t comply, if you don’t fit in, the whole game won’t work anymore.

The game that whatever isn’t working is your fault.

The game that you don’t know what’s best for you.

The game that if you just tried harder then everyone would be happy.

The game that it’s not the system that’s broken, it’s you.

Society says: Be kinder. Be more positive. Be smaller.


It’s time to look again from scratch.

It’s time to feel your essence and your fullness.

It’s time to step into THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE

Because for every creation there must be destruction. It is the way of the Feminine and the rejection of our cauldron of creation lies at the heart of Good Girl Economics.


This experience is a space to express and feel your full Feminine Power.

You will be lead through practices designed to connect you with disowned parts of yourself that can be anywhere from bliss to blistering.

You will see how you have been limiting yourself from even SEEING what you truly desire.

You will see how you have been shouldering the work of the world instead of the desires of your SELF.

You will have a whole new relationship with the word SELFISH, shifting from self punishment to self empowerment.

And you will either observe or participate in a partnered practice that will process the deep fear of being rejected or discarded by society for having the audacity of being a woman unafraid of claiming her POWER.

The irony is that the most Exalted Bitch isn’t vicious, she is a deep calm knowing that feeds on Trust and fuels herself with her Desires.

Whatever fear or excitement you are feeling right now is exactly why you will be transformed at Bitch Bomb.

Come blow up your fears and crack open your Freedom.